The Fritture (Fried) artworks undergo a meticulous and intriguing process. Initially, each object is carefully prepared, then battered and fried in sizzling hot oil. This frying process not only cooks the object but also creates unique textures and patterns on its surface. After frying, the objects are delicately scanned with a high-definition device. This scanning captures every intricate detail, from the crispy textures to the golden hues, in stunning clarity. The resulting scans are then used to produce large-format prints, preserving the essence of the fried object in a visually captivating and thought-provoking manner
Mirko Credito PlayStation-Sony-Joypad-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito Homer Simpson-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-2018
Mirko Credito Dart-Vader-Starwars-fried-art-Mirko-Credito
Mirko Credito Antigas-mask-fried-art-Mirko-Credito
Antigas mask
2011 - Giclée Print
Mirko Credito Cinema-film-super8-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito Convers-Allstar-logo-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito Arbre-Magique-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito
Mirko Credito iPod-Apple-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
2007 - Giclée Print
Mirko Credito Keyboard-Apple-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
2007 - ​​​​​​​Giclée Print
Mirko Credito Lego-space-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito Manga-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito Compact-cassette-type-Sony-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito Wired-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
2009 - Giclée Print
Mirko Credito Subbutteo-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print
Mirko Credito Gun-fried-art-Mirko-Credito-Giclée-Print-Mirko-Credito
2007 - Giclée Print

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