After innovative research based on the use of food material as a means of expression with the 'Fritture' series - extremely evocative objects breaded and fried and then scanned - Mirko Credito began his 'Icons' work during the pandemic period, radically changing technique. Prompted by the lockdown contingency, stimulated by theimitations that became creative advertisements, he switched to acrylic, recycled and parcel paper, laser printing, transferable letters and writer's markers. The automobiles - the object and subject of the works - chosen from those with very recognisable shapes and experimental design for the era to which they belong, become evocative and dynamic icons, thanks also to a fat pencil mark, given instinctively and a unique and expressive lettering texture. These works are extremely textured and hybrid, recalling printed newspapers and typographies and at the same time the digital world: all creating an effect and movement that unites past and future, in an interpretation that gives each work a real uniqueness.

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