After innovative research based on the use of food material as a means of expression with the 'Fritture' series - extremely evocative objects breaded and fried and then scanned - Mirko Credito began his 'Icons' work during the pandemic period, radically changing technique. Prompted by the lockdown contingency, stimulated by the limitations that became creative advertisements, he switched to acrylic, recycled and parcel paper, laser printing, transferable letters and writer's markers. The automobiles - the object and subject of the works - chosen from those with very recognizable shapes and experimental design for the era to which they belong, become evocative and dynamic icons, thanks also to a fat pencil mark, given instinctively and a unique and expressive lettering texture. These works are extremely textured and hybrid, recalling printed newspapers and typographies and at the same time the digital world: all creating an effect and movement that unites past and future, in an interpretation that gives each work a real uniqueness.

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Fast Forward Portrait
Fried (Fritture)
Oil, fire, and high-definition printing, a short-circuit process to create the fried artworks
Body change NFT
Mirko Credito - Crypto art NFT unique digital edition on,, body is changing. It seems that every day my skin is getting thinner, my muscles are getting weaker, and my bones seem as fragile as crystal. Sometimes I feel as if I am losing control of my body, as if it is changing into something different, something strange. These changes are frightening, but also fascinating. And as if my body is layering distorted experiences and concepts.
Dot Matrix Print
Dot matrix print is a technology that is still alive. The print is not perfect and every printed sheet is a unique piece. All prints are made with a printer recovered in the trash.
Breath NFT
Mirko Credito - Crypto art NFT unique digital edition on Breath is the key to everything. Life itself is a flow of breaths, a dance of inhalations and exhalations. Art itself is an expression of our innermost essence, the way we express our true nature. Breathing is also the key to iconography the art of representing images in our minds. Iconography is the language of the soul, the means by which we can speak to the deepest parts of ourselves.
Potato Masks
Remix Me NFT
He works for Hackatao's "Remix Me" project. Justice is complicated and raises many doubts. The complication, and the chaos here is also visual. Technique used: stop motion, collage, dry transfer letter, pencil.
Sharing economy
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